The Emergence Of Bingo: From Lottery To Online Gaming

Bingo originated in Italy, in a kind of lottery called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”. In a short time, it gained repercussions throughout Europe. In the 19th century, an American marketer was on tour in Europe, found the game interesting and took the novelty to the United States. He made some adaptations and used beans to mark the cards, for this reason the game was called “Beano”.

How Bingo Became The World

A toy vendor named Edwin S Lowe saw a crowd playing “Beano”. He conceived the use of several cards, together with mathematician Carl Leffler, to standardize this new product and improve gameplay. In addition, he renamed the game to “Bingo” and promoted the popularization of this new modality.

Featured In Online Casinos

Currently, bingo is becoming a huge success again, thanks to the possibility of accessing the game through an online casino . There are new modes and great special features that raise the level of matches.

Why Do Women Love Bingo?

  • It’s A Relaxed Game : since its inception, bingo has always been considered a friendly game. The cold and competitive environment of other games gives way to a social game and extremely happy. Online casinos are able to offer great features to enable an experience more similar to what we have in brick and mortar companies.
  • Bingo Changed : the game is changing and adapting to the new reality. Brands are transforming to create products that can appeal to women. Many companies adopt feminine colors and designs, and feature women in their ads. All this in order to attract this target market.
  • Socialization : bingo brings you new opportunities, not only to place a bet, but to meet other people, interact and have an increasingly interesting experience. The dispute does not remain in the background, but in addition, the sociable atmosphere changes the fully competitive character of a match.
  • Mobile Access : with mobile access you can play whenever you want and this is also another factor that attracts players. Game companies manage to recreate the perfect environment, even for such small screens.
  • Simplicity : This is a game so simple that even children play it recreationally. You don’t need to understand complicated rules or stick to complex strategies. This is the kind of game that everyone enjoys.

Bingo has definitely gained a lot of ground among loyal online casino gamblers. Men are still the majority, but women are increasingly willing to take space among players and bingo is one of the most accessed modalities by this audience. The matches are always fun and dynamic, which makes bingo such an irresistible game.

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